all growed up

if it’s a game you want
then it’s a game you’ll get

let’s play pretend:

let’s pretend that you love me
that seconds are the carriers of our affection
and each other is all we have worth holding on to

let’s make believe that the sun rotates around us solely
and we generate our own gravity
that hugs create multi-dimensional solar systems
and eclipses are the only publicly visible sightings of our kisses
that us being nude does not necessarily contribute to our being naked
and vulnerability invades only our dreams

let’s imagine that we are friends
and you pick and name stars after me
and i?
i’ll act as if i know where each one is
should you ever ask

let’s count snowflakes
and mini marshmallows in our hot chocolate
sing happy birthdays and christmas carols
watch television over cold pizza and flat sodas
till slumber discovers us

let’s conjure oceans of strawberry scented bubble baths
novels of cartoon strips
and champagne of orange kool-aid

let’s envision that telephone call conversations
are just us two holding hands over whatever distance
is between us
that we tuck each other in every night
and kiss each other every morn

or better yet…
let’s first pretend you
know my name

© 1979 Daria Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


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