this lie perpetrates yet another conspiracy
and this conspiracy only lends to another lie
and i
try to pretend i am fond
of your not being here with me
near with me
but it inevitably contributes to a fear in me
with which, i am unable to bear

and it’s not fair
that we love solitarily
accompanied only by the four walls
that surround as well as divide us

when repeatedly
i’ve tried to put the past behind us
learn to trust instead of lust
but where vivid memories once existed
only pictures dare remind us

it’s frustrating
to think of my heart’s sedating
the central piece of me
growing numb
to the thought of your touch

and it’s such that drives me to my doom
don’t want to be the only one left in the room
once you’ve decided my time is up

© 1979 Daria Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


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